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Aboriginal  Art Gallery Darwin Northern Terrritory Australia

Discover artworks of some seriously talented Aboriginal Artists


Local Indigenous Art Gallery in Darwin Northern Territory Australia Supporting Aboriginal Artists since 1996.

To many aboriginal people its More than just a gallery 

Our part owned Aboriginal art gallery is more like support central for artists and their families that come into Darwin City from communities and out-stations. We are part of the family in way. We visit the out-stations we visit the hospitals  we help pay for flights and transport , we help fill in forms and file documentation, provide advice, safekeeping and help arrange accommodation ......the list goes on.  

There are some seriously talented Aboriginal artists here and over the past 24 years we have helped to promote them by supplying many other galleries around Australia and overseas. You can view video of aboriginal artists doing dot painting in our aboriginal art video library.

We are also a signatory to the Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct, which was introduced to promote fair and transparent dealings within the Industry.

We are a founding member of the Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association, which was established to promote the ethical trade of indigenous art.


Authentic Aboriginal Art

  • Documentation of Authenticity and Artist profile provided with each purchase

  • Supplying Australian and International Galleries

  • Insurance

  • Money back guarantee

Ethical Aboriginal Art

  • Founding Member Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association

  • Signatory Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct

  • Unlike most other commercial outlets we often pay artists and their families advance payments in support of their needs.

Finest Aboriginal Art

  • Over 24 years supporting aboriginal artists

  • Selling aboriginal art since 1996

  • 4 million paid to aboriginal artists and families

  • Free Shipping

  • Money back guarantee

More than a Gallery

Dreamtime Art - The magic of  Australian Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal art online by artist Tomy Watson
Colourful Contemporary
Paintings from
Central Australia
close up image of aboriginal bark painting
Exquisite ochre
Bark Paintings
Ancient Aboriginal Designs

Wildly Refreshing Aboriginal Art Story

Discovery this land, this culture, the art of the dreamtime, the creation of an ancient culture still telling their stories in a vibrant and exciting form of art. View the online art gallery and be drawn in by the power and emotion of the modern desert art, recreating the imagery of designs and stories originally done in the sand for ceremony. Discover too , the art of Northern Australia continuing the style of the ancient rock art of Arnhem land and the Kakadu escarpment country. This online Aboriginal Art gallery of Australia also has an extraordinary collection of traditional bark paintings and some truely remarkable artefacts from a number of Arnhem Land aboriginal communities.

View and be amazed

Australia aboriginal artwork under $500
Select from a new collection of vibrant Aboriginal Artworks
Under $500

Aboriginal Artefacts / Atifacts  - Weaving and Craft

Breath taking Creations, discover these remarkable "One of a Kind " Pandanas Weavings

This Aboriginal Arts Store  is located in the Northern Territory of Australia and has very close association with the aboriginal artists and crafters from communities across Northern Australia and therefore has an ever changing supply of artefacts that people from the communities bring in. 
 Sometimes weavers and crafters will bring in some truely outstanding one of a kind artworks. These unique pieces do not stay in the gallery long. You can add yourself to the list of contacts to be notified when such extraordinary artefacts come in.   

Our History - we are more than just Aboriginal Art Shop / Gallery

We started promoting aboriginal art when the term "world wide web" was new for most people. The very first image in the world to be uploaded to the www was in 1992 and in 1994 we sold 3 ochre panels done by  Emily Kame Kngwarreye to a customer in Canada which in itself was quite a milestone given that in those days purchasing over the web was not common. Back then we operated as Aboriginal Art Investments of Australia (AAIA).  AAIA later become known as Aboriginal Art In Australia.  In 1996 we opened a gallery in Darwin in, the Northern Territory of  Australia  and were still supporting aboriginal artists to this day. The gallery is known as The Aboriginal Fine Arts gallery.


We have a personal relationship with many of the artists. The gallery has become a central meeting place when artists come to town and we support aboriginal artists and their families in any way we can.


Ultimately we  support each other, we like to think of it as a partnership

School students attend the gallery to learn about indigenous art and culture 

social pic 15.jpg
social pic 16.jpg


You will receive 3 sets of documentation

  • A certificate of authenticity

  • Artist's Profile 

  • The Art Story

 Also photos of the works in progress


Click to view the Documents

This gallery started in 1996 and is part Aboriginal owned.

We have been supporting Aboriginal Artist in the NT of Australia for  24 years now.

We. have a personal association with the families of many of the artists we support. Unlike most other commercial outlets we often pay artists and their families advance payments in support of their needs. 

And all payments for art work are paid in full directly to the artists on receipt of their works 

In fact we have paid around $4million  to aboriginal artists and their families since we opened the gallery.

Peace of Mind

Feel secure in the knowledge that we Offer

  • Free Shipping 

  • Insurance

  • Money Back Guarantee

Instead of a store where you purchase the artwork electronically using a cart. We prefer to personally discuss your purchase with you to answer all questions you may have.  If for what ever reason you are not happy with your purchase , we will refund the full purchase cost and ask only that you pay for the return freight costs.

Our story begins way before the gallery was opened. We used to transport freight to aboriginal communities in the desert and north eastern regions in the 70's and 80's .  We were often offered paintings in lieu of payment which we reluctantly accepted. That began our collection and although we didnt know it at the time was to be the birth of this amazing gallery and its partnership and association with many many aboriginal artists. 

We are not government funded and have been supporting aboriginal artists for over 24 years and have one of the most diverse collections of Australian Indigenous art and artefacts offered for sale online. 

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