Absolutely Amazing Australian Aboriginal Artefacts

Australian Indigenous hand crafts from Northern Australia.

Beautiful hand crafted pandanas mats and baskets.   Exquisite hollow log coffin art.  Aboriginal bird and mimi spirit carvings offered for sale. 


Best of all, some truely extraordinary on of a kind weaved sculptures. 


As well as links to our special Didgeridoo market, featuring many different styles of didgeridoo and traditional yidaki instruments

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There is a photo above of Amanda Djormlom with her mother Doreen Djorlom holding a large woven Yawk Yawk Spirit.

The skill and craft of doing weavings such as these is truely amazing.

The art of fibre weaving has a long history in Arnhem Land.

The fibres used include Pandanus leaves, Livistona palm leaves  and burny vines, as well as slithers of the inner bark of kurrajong and stringybark trees.  The preparation of these natural  fibre materials is a long arduous task. Weaving is  hard work, and as far as I know, done only by women. They colour the pandanus fibres using natural dyes made from the roots, tubers and certain leaves. 

Weavings like the one Amanda and Doreen have here are unique, no two are ever the same. Master pieces such as the yawk yawk spirit weaving here are highly sort after art works.

Amazing rare one of a kind artefacts come and go very quickly if you would like to be kept informed of outstanding craft artworks OR quality Didgeridoos register your interest .. and ask anything .. cheers


This link will take you to our special didgeridoo page were you can buy awesome didjeridoo and yidaki  online

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This link will allow you to discover aboriginal log coffin art and offer some traditional wood carvings and totems for sale


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