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Indigenous Aboriginal Artists from Central Australia

Ada Parry


Australian Aboriginal Artist Ada Parry is a Daly River artist from Wudikapildiyerr in the Northern Territory of Australia

Born:                       6/12/1955 

Region:                  Daly / Wadeye NT

Community:        Daly River 

Outstation:          Wudikapildiyerr 

Language:             Marrithiyel 

Local group:         Nungari

Ada Parry was born in 1955, in the Daly River region of the Northern Territory. Her homeland, Wudikapildiyerr is situated amid wetlands and floodplains west of the Daly River Aboriginal Reserve around 300 kilometres south-west of Darwin. The subject matter of Ada's works is based around her country, food gathering and the practice of weaving fibre art, and stems directly from her experiences of living in the bush. 

The scale of her works allows for a multitude of experiences from that of an up-close encounter with the fascinating craftsmanship of weaving to a long-distance view depicting her country and allowing for this intricacy to be seen in a more contextual sense. It is this transient quality that renders the visual experience of Ada's work so unique and captivating. 


Ada's aesthetic is representative of the emergence of a new contemporary wave from the region. The works are at once fresh with the sophisticated integrity of a grand tradition but are imbued with a new sense of freedom. This characteristic of her paintings makes her work readily palatable as her unique visual language has a universal beauty that can be appreciated by Indigenous and Contemporary art lovers alike. 


Ada is the sister of world-renowned artists Martina Parry and Regina Wilson.

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