Large Paitings

A collection of extra large wall art by Aboriginal artists  available for sale .

 Bold and passionate is the power of art

These paintings  have one side lthat is  close to 2 meters or longer

 The impact of larger than life artworks is well worth considering .

Larger than life wall art makes a passionate statement that attracts focus and sticks in peoples memories for long time. 

A strikingly large wall painting can instantly tie all the colours of your interior design together and make a powerful impression  in business environment or blend the subtitles of a quaint intimate space.

Remember we also offer money back guarantee if for some reason you feel the art work you chose does not live up to its expectations.

Impressive & Affordable

These 3 painting are available the combined price of all 3 after a 3painting discount is $2500

Together they can form a very expressive piece


Cat No. 13754


Cat No. 13786

Cat No. 13809

Another option for an Impressive but affordable large 3 meter artwork is to use three complimentary images to produce a tryptic and space them alongside each other as seen below.

trypitic 3.jpg

<---------       3 Meters             ------>

Available  2 meter plus  large artworks