Didgeridoos for sale. Didjeridu and yidaki to suit all purposes.

Quality instrumental didgeridoos, traditional yidaki and beginners didgeridoo. All available here at the online Didgeridoo Market where you can buy and sell didgeridoos


Best didjeridu in gallery

Key  C.  4 didj rating 

Easy to play  suitable for beginner, But also awesome vocals nice resonance 

138cm  Good medium mouthpiece.A good didj player will really get some awesome sounds from this didgeridoo.

Mulu didgeridoo 2019

AUD $500
Didj No, 1011
Aboriginal didgeridoo

Key  C#. 3 didj rating 

126 cm Medium didj 

Not so easy to play for a beginner.  But sound much better than average shop didj. Not a lot of back pressure and shape of throat requires air volume to keep it singing Suit Good player

Mulu didgeridoo 2019

AUD $450
Didj No, 1012

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Rhythm didgeridoo Australian aboriginal didgeridoo

Key E

Nice rhythm didj. Suit for fast rhythmic playing .

Vocals ok but not brilliant.

 Nice looking didj 

Shorter than others 

at 119 cm

AUD $450
Didj No, 1013
authentic aboriginal didjeridoo
Didj No, 1014

Key  D  

TOP didgeridoo

Will not regret this one.

Nice Nice Nice

clear vocals

This didj painted by Wendy Munungurra

AUD $650
Australian didgeridoo
Didj No, 1015

Key  C#. 

Very nice didj . Like its sister to the left easy to play , ALIVE fresh Full resonating  sound with clear vocals 

AUD $550
Didj No, 1016

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Key C

Might be a bit harsh giving it a 2 didj rating.

 Its a nice low deep sounding C slow drone.

 Didgj is  light 140cm.

Intricate art but artist unkown

AUD $350
australian aboriginal didgeridoo for sale
australian aboriginal didgeridoo for sale.jpg
Didj No, 1017

Key  C#

TOP didgeridoo

Will not regret this one.

Nice Nice Nice

clear vocals

This didj painted by Wendy Munungurra

AUD $700
australian aboriginal didgeridoo for sale
Didj No, 1018
AUD $700

Key  Eb

Very nice didj . Like its sister to the left easy to play , ALIVE fresh Full resonating  sound with clear vocals 

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two awesome didjerdu
Didj No,
1017 + 1018


This is a pairing of the two previous didgeridoo

Didj perfomers

This is all you need .

Fast and slow

Rhythm Pump and

Drone soother

Alive and crisp

Deep and mellow

Great vocal clarity on both. .



AUD $1,100


Within Australia $30

Outside Australia $80 per didj 

Special rates apply for more than 3 didgeridoos

Didj No, 1019
small didgeridoo art
Didj No, 1020

Small didgeridoo 80 -90 cm

These two play better than your average shop didgeridoo of this size.

However they have been painted by well known Aboriginal artist Eddie Blitner 

Beautiful little didgeridoos

AUD $360 each
Didj No, 1021
beautiful didgeridoo art
Didj No, 1022

Same as previous two didgeridoo painted by Eddie Blitner. except the one on the right Didj no. 1022 is a little longer and plays pretty good. The bends in didj produce a comfortable back pressure for someone learning to circular breath

It has very intricate detailed rarrk crosshatch artwork . Quite a stunning little didgeridoo

AUD $360 each
Didj No, 1023
Didj No, 1024

These small size blanks will surprise you.  I selected these out of a bunch of about 20. similar blanks. Both around meter Key Eb and D.   On small size but didj 1023 Is above average all-round didj. Surprised me.

Didj 1024 medium quality  not as clean as one next to it.  But great  for a didj of this size and weight.

Both good traveler's 

Not paying for any art here 

great value for money

AUD $250 each
Didj No, 1025
Didj No, 1026

 Again.. very humble looking pair . Both small light weight didj's perfect for on the go.  The first didj 1025 is key F# high huming fast drone. and its brother  didj 1026 because of length to diameter ratio is a key of B deep low slow sound with surprisingly clean vocals. Blown away by this didj not not expect what came floating out of this one. 


AUD $250 each

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