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Video of Aboriginal Artist doing a dot painting

This is a video of Australian aboriginal artist Doreen Nakamarra doing a colourful dot painting.

Acrylics on top quality artists Belgium linen. The dot painting style is typical of Central Australian artists. 

Best viewed on full screen

A 2 meter by 1 meter painting how many dots ?

Best viewed in full screen mode

Video doing a large painting

Video of North Australian Aboriginal Artist doing a large artwork painting

This video is Australian Indigenous artist Eddie Blitner creating art in our gallery in Darwin.

Check the big artwork  of his on back wall.

For best view hover your mouse over the video and then select full screen mode 

This video is Australian aboriginal artist Eddie Blitner in the beginning stages fo doing a large wall artwork acrylics on quality canvas.

The video the  final stages of the same painting by Eddie above.

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